His Own Words

An American Knight, The untold tale of 1st Lt. Thomas Peter Welch and the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion of WWII –
In their Own Words and Memoirs

“I’m sorry to hear about Ted, but not too sorry, as I see worse things happening every day. When you see your own men, men you work and fight with every day lose their lives, and know that it’s your bad or good judgment that means life or death for them one finds it hard to think about situations at home.
As for the food, it’s sketchy, for a couple of days we might get pretty good meals, but most of the time we make our own. We warm a can of beans or stew over a little gasoline fire, make some coffee, without sugar or cream and think we’re pretty lucky to be alive. Some nights, I sleep in one of my tank destroyers or in my jeep but most of the time on a pile of straw on the ground. It rains all the time consequently, my blankets and clothes are always wet, but I remember, I’m still alive. If we get a sunny day, our spirits soar, and we think it’s the Waldorf”. 2nd Lt Thomas Peter Welch