Commander Failmezger is available to give a variety of talks to your group on World War II. Please contact him via this website if interested. Topics which can be customized include:

The 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion

The Battalion in North Africa

The War in Italy – from Sicily to Rome

The Anzio Beachhead and the Ranger rescue

Welch’s Boneyard at Anzio

The Invasion of Southern France

The Colmar Pocket and Audie Murphy’s Medal of Honor – January 1945

Researching your Veterans Story

Some Comments:
Commander Failmezger did a wonderful job of connecting a local boy from
Geneva to the major global event of the 20th century. He engaged our
civilian audience in the story, including enough military detail to
satisfy interest without challenging a local history audience with the
minutia of military engagements. He was excellent at gauging his
audience’s interest and satisfied it well. Thanks so much for bringing
the frontlines of the war to life for us.

Anne Dealy, Director of Education and Public Information, Geneva
Historical Society

I just wanted to say thank you again for the “Researching Your
Veteran’s Story” workshop you put on at the Geneva Historical Society
Saturday morning. I had many folks praising The content you shared and
the way you did your presentation on the way out of the building. They
also asked me for more presentations like yours. I know you gave the
crowd that gathered a lot of information to think about on their way
home and many will put it to good use. People remarked on the humor you
inserted into your workshop and how you easily generated enthusiasm in
your listeners. We had participants from Rochester and several local
historical societies as well as at least three publicly appointed
historians so it was a wonderful mix of people.

I was also surprised and interested by what you could tell me just from
looking at my father’s WWII ID bracelet. I told my sister about it and
now she wants me to research his service record as much as is possible.

Karen Osburn, Archivist
Geneva Historical Society

An American Knight: Pass Presentations and Events

August 2011, Operation Dragoon Seminar, Arlington, VA
December 2011, Colmar Pocket Seminar, Arlington, VA
July 2012, Operation Dragoon Seminar, Arlington, VA
November 2012, Veteran’s Talk, Front Royal Rotary
December 2012, Colmar Pocket Seminar, La Maison Rouge, Arlington, VA
March 2013, Researching Your Veterans Story, Samuels Library Front Royal, VA-
July 2013, James Stevens Legion of Honor Ceremony, Pittsburg, PA
July 2013, WWII Reenactment Camp – Sully Plantation, Herdon, VA
July 2013, Historicon 2013 (the largest war-gaming convention in USA, Fredericksburg, VA
July 2013, Author’s Reading, Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington, DC
July 2013, Operation Dragoon Seminar, Arlington, VA
September 2013, An American Knight, Geneva Historical Society, Geneva, NY
September 2013, Researching Your Veterans Story, Geneva Historical Society, Geneva, NY
November 2013, Fall-In, Lancaster, PA
December 2013, Colmar Pocket Seminar, Arlington, VA
February 2014, Research your Veterans Story, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 2014, Navy War College, Newport, RI
July 2014, WWII Reenactment Camp, Sully Plantation, Herdon, VA
July 2014, Historicon, Fredericksburg, VA
August 2014, 6th Army Group Seminar, Arlington, VA
July 2015, Historicon, Fredericksburg VA
September 2015, 6th Army Group Seminar, Arlington, VA